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Welcome to the Brass Monkey online. Here at the Brass Monkey you can enjoy an intimate atmosphere with some of the big name in Australian and International music, including jazz, blues, roots, funk, pop and world music.

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Original Sin INXS Show 'Acoustic & Intimate' MH 20yr anniversary

Original Sin (INXS Show Unplugged) Tribute to Michael Hutchence Anniversary – 20 Years On

Wednesday 22nd November 2017 marks the 20 Year Anniversary of Michael Hutchence' passing and to celebrate the life & music of our great Australian music icon, Original Sin INXS Show will be presenting an encore performance of their recently SOLD OUT … Read More

Uncle Jed Promo Pic Aug17

Uncle Jed

It's been a whirl wind couple of years for Uncle Jed, from winning a reality tv show to going through a major record label and starting side project Luna Grand. Now Uncle Jed are back and doing what they love most, making sweet music! In 2017 the … Read More

Steely Dan Tribute

Steely Dan & The Best of the West Coast – Featuring The Kites + Blue Salt Band

Steely Dan are without doubt one of the seminal bands of the 70's and 80's. The music of Steely Dan crosses many musical boundaries. From their jazzy horn lines and smooth vocals, to rock guitar licks and funky grooves, their appeal is wide … Read More

dragon 015

Dragon + Hoochie Mama

Dragon is back, as good as ever, fronted by the legendary kiwi singer Mark Williams. This band rocks its way through a long list of iconic songs that are part of the national estate. Todd started the band in 1973 and Marc Hunter joined in 1974 … Read More


Scumdog Zillionaire + Souci Maq + Jonny Bingram

Scum noun 1. a film or layer of foul or extraneous matter that forms on the surface of a liquid. 2. refuse or offscourings. 3. a low, worthless, or evil person. We've assembled two of the scummiest bands around Scumdog Zillionaire 3 … Read More

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Awarded ‘Album Of The Year’ at the 1990 ARIA Awards and going on to win a total of 5 ARIA Awards that night is one thing, but one could easily be forgiven for thinking ‘Match...
There’s no other decade like the 80’s. It was THE era of BIG HAIR, BIG HITS and BIG FUN.\r\n\r\nNEVER ENDING 80’s take you back to the best of it all with a show packed full of t...