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Alannah Russack’s Entropy Band + Froggy Prince

TICKETS: www.brassmonkey.oztix.com.au ………………………. Much-loved for her central role as guitarist and co-lead singer in one of Australia’s finest ever guitar pop bands, The Hummingbirds, Alannah Russack remains a revered performer and songwriter on the Australian music scene. Regularly playing solo and also with her band, Alannah Russack’s Entropy Band, plus with acts such as The Aerial Maps, she continues to win fans with her distinctive soaring vocals, melodic guitar playing and deeply affecting songs.

As the world searches for hope and happiness after one of the toughest years in a generation, Alannah is excited to release the shimmering debut single, ‘Places You Love’ (as premiered by Backseat Mafia and The Tuckshop on 2SER), from her upcoming album with the Entropy Band.

‘Places You Love’ shines with the chiming guitars and pop melodies the likes of which the Hummingbirds were famous for. Those effortless vocal melodies are a key part of Alannah’s songwriting, they draw a line back to the sweetly-tinged melancholia of 80s/90s indie rock where it met jangle pop and a touch of alternative folk and country. Backed by a group of likeminded musicians, her band perfectly convey the mood and sense of optimistic yearning that courses through the song.

Heralding the new album, As Memories Pass Each Other, to be released in early 2022, ‘Places You Love’ is a perfect “re-introduction” to Alannah and her gorgeous guitar pop, waiting to take you on a journey through cascading chords and a magical vocal melody that will lodge in your head for weeks.

“Russack shows exactly why The Hummingbirds had such an impact: her indelible ear for melody, vocals that have a velvet soft shine and jangly crystalline guitars that ring out and linger long in the mind.” Backseat Mafia

“It’s such a warm and beautiful track and represents the last two years we’ve had, that feeling of just trying to get through it and urging everyone to keep hold through the tough times. Her voice is so effortlessly good. A gorgeous guitar pop track.” The Tuckshop 2SER