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Ray Beadle, Clayton Doley, Andrew Dickeson – The Guitar Organ Drums Trio – LATE SHOW

TIX: www.brassmonkey.oztix.com.au ……………………… When Ray Beadle, Clayton Doley & Andrew Dickeson, hit the stage they electrify audiences with their deliciously Soulful and Bluesy Jazz Organ Trio. It’s one of best collaborations the world has seen since Wes Montomery, Jimmy Smith and Grady Tate got together in the 60′s to change the shape of Jazz as we know it.

Ray’s Burning guitar is as smooth as hot butter and faster than a speeding bullet, Clayton’s Hammond and Leslie is grooving and spinning like a category 5 hurricane destroying all in its wake, Andrew’s drumming is swinging like a freight train exploding out of a tunnel into the light.

These guys are not only keeping the 60′s souljazz groove alive in Australia, they are pushing it to a new level, modernising it and putting their own unique blues stamp on it!