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Taxiride ‘Live in Our Lounge Room’ tour

In some special and intimate shows in August, original members Jason Singh, Tim Watson, Tim Wild, along with new recruit Taylor Sheridan, present their ‘Live in Our Lounge Room’ tour. An intimate acoustic show that weaves storytelling and song in a two part-show through the band’s history. The show will blend tales from Taxiride’s humble beginnings in Tim Wild’s lounge-room in Camberwell, through the heady days international touring, recording in LA, to the current day and the band’s rebirth.

In 1999 Taxiride’s ‘Imaginate’ debut album was released. Entering the charts at #1 it featured four top 20 singles; “Get Set”, “Everywhere You Go”, “Can You Feel” & “Nothing In This World”. It followed a massive bidding war, which attracted heavy hitters of the international music business who signed the likes of Led Zeppelin and Madonna. At one stage the band had almost a dozen international record deals to chose from.

What followed in the 1990’s & 2000’s was 5 years of international touring, recording in exotic overseas studios with big name producers and playing to thousands of excited zealous fans all singing every lyric to every song. Then the inevitable happened, road weary and worn down by the relentless schedule, Taxiride decided to go their separate ways…. to temporarily call it a day. They split to find some space, and pursue other projects outside of the group that catapulted them to become one of Australia’s biggest musical exports during that time.

Now 20 years later, Taxiride have reunited to revisit and rekindle the memories of the early history of the band, and the sounds that drew comparisons with Crosby, Steels, Nash & Young, The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Simon & Garfunkel.

An honest, sometimes sad, sometimes hilarious mixture of the band’s career; ‘Live In Our Lounge Room’ marks a return to what made Taxiride a part of Australian music history.

Much of Taxiride’s embryonic moments started in Tim Wild’s lounge room. It was a safe haven of creativity, music, songs, learning, crafting, producing, mixing, styling and moulding a sound that would become synonymous with Taxiride’s unique four part harmonies and guitar driven pop rock melodies.

It was the place where they dreamed a dream and then busted their butts to make that dream a reality. A sanctuary that gave them confidence and the tools to go forward. .

As Tim Watson states…. “Our fans have seen us and know us from our touring in recent years. But this time we wanted to do something really special and so the ‘Live In Our Lounge Room’ concept was born. We want to share where we came from, how we evolved, and what makes us tick. To tell the stories behind the birth of songs like ‘Get Set’, ‘Creepin’ Up Slowly’, and ‘Everywhere You Go’, as well as happy crazy moments and the tales of discord and woe that created a hiatus in the band’s history. The ‘Live In Our Lounge Room’ tour marks a return to the how, what and why that made Taxiride a part of Australian music history….”

As Jason Singh muses… “Now, 20 years on, it’s time to re-visit and share the magic, the vibe, those heady times and the dream of 4 individuals all pushing in the same direction. 4 young men, 12 songs, and a dream, all crafted from one very special lounge room in Camberwell….” – BUY TIX HERE…