Skyhooks Legend: Bob ’Bongo’ Starkie ‘Skyhooks Show’

BOB ’BONGO’ STARKIE SKYHOOKS LEGEND GUITARIST Presents Bob ’Bongo’ Starkie ‘Skyhooks Show’ (all the Hits with a smattering of rarities that need to be heard) Bob ‘Bongo’ Starkie, guitarist with the legendary skyhooks performs the classic songs in a personal celebration of one of Australia’s most beloved bands. Skyhooks helped change the face of rock n roll in the 1970s with 15 Number 1 and Top 10 singles to their credit, as well as two of the country’s biggest selling albums of all time, Living in the 70s and Ego is Not A Dirty Word, Both produced by Ross Wilson (Daddy Cool).

Skyhooks have been described as ‘giving the Australian music industry the enema it needed’ when in 1974 they smashed onto the scene wearing outrageous costumes and make-up. Their debut album Living in the 70s went on to sell over 300’000 albums & was followed a year later with Ego is Not A Dirty Word .it wasn’t long before the band’s five members were celebrities – Shirley, the enigmatic curly-haired lead-singer, guitarist Red Symons, guitarist Bob Starkie, bassist and songwriter Greg Macainsh and drummer Fred Strauks. They released killer singles including Horror Movie, Ego (Is Not A Dirty Word), Women In Uniform and Jukebox in Siberia, and still receive high rotation radio play 40 years after first entering the charts. Skyhooks were inducted in the ARIA Hall of Fame and ceased touring together after the death of lead singer Shirley in 2001. To celebrate these iconic records, Bob’Bongo’Starkie has pulled together an all star Band with some of the best musicians in the business, Featuring


The Fantastic Bobby Fox: A New Old Fashion Christmas – (Matinee Lunch Show)

Bobby Fox is one of the most versatile and dynamic performers in Australia.

Here’s what we know..

1. He’s Irish.
2. He’s 4 times World Champion in Irish Dance and toured globally with Riverdance in its hay day.
3. Hand picked by Frankie Valli to star in Jersey Boys Aus winning multiple awards and huge critical acclaim as ‘Frankie’.
4. Starred in Hot Shoe Shuffle along side legend – David Atkins, choreographed by Tap Dog’s, Dein Perry.
5. Release his debut album ‘The Fantastic Mr Fox’ with Warner Music featuring a smoking hot duet with supermodel Miranda Kerr.
6. He loves a numeric bullet point list.

But.. there comes a time in every young mans life where if he wishes to spend his life performing then he needs to walk a path that many have walked before. A path that many have pursued and stumbled. A path that quite literally separates the men from the boys.

That path ladies and gentlemen is SWING.

Firmly set into the earth by some of the original kings of swing – Frank Sinatra, Mel Tormé, Fred Astaire, Dean Martin, Van Morrison, Nat King Cole, Sammy Davis Jr and Andy Williams – they literally paved the way for a new wave of old fashioned performers to rise up and remind the world how cool you really can be. Michael Bublé, Harry Connick Jr, Jamie Cullum and Kurt Elling – to name just a few.

Now drawing from the past and present legends, Bobby clicks his heels onto the stage to bring you a night of old school entertainment and class with a sprinkle of the Christmas spirit to boot.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the suit is pressed, the shoes are shined, the hair is slicked and the whiskey is on back order.

Bobby Fox is – The New Old Fashioned.

Matinee Lunch Show – Doors Open 12.30pm

Strange Tenants + The OzSkas

Formed back in 1981, Melbourne’s legendary band Strange Tenants, widely recognised as the Godfathers of Australian Ska, hit the stage for a series of rare select performances around the country, promoting their new album ‘Militant Style’, produced by Grammy Award record producer, Roger Lomas from the UK. The tour also promotes a book, written about the unique contribution this iconic band has made to Australia’s alternative music scene and culture.

Strange Tenants are renowned for their full-on powerful and dynamic live shows and this tour, featuring an 8 piece line-up, promises to deliver their unique brand of power ska and reggae like never before. Their national tour includes just 2 shows in Sydney with their great mates The OzSkas also featured on each bill.

So come on all you rude boys and rude girls,
put on your braces, feel the heat,
on with your boots for a dancin’ beat!

James Van Cooper & Axle Whitehead

James Van Cooper Australian Country Guitar Rock performer is teaming up to tour nationally in September/October with aclaimed musician Axle Whitehead. James and Axle met while James was recording his debut album “Coming Home” in Los Angeles. Axle a friend of US Music producer Scott Campbell sat in on a few of the sessions watching James work.

It was during this chance meeting the boys discovered their musical tastes collided and given their creative like mindedness agreed to team up when back in Australia and launch a national tour. James will headline the tour showcasing his new record “Coming Home” which is a mix of new country rock and Alt/ Country Cool. Axle returns to Australia after starring in US TV productions “Shameless” and Marvels “Agents Of SHIELD” and is especially eager to road test a new collection of songs.Axles new recording genuflects style wise at the alter of Ry Cooder and Elvis Presley.

Audiences can expect these two artistes to richochet off each other live, with both men being brilliant performers as well these shows provide a mouth watering opportunity to see two of the country’s most formiable guitarists in full flight. This tour will Shake Up The Town with James performing with his 4 piece band while Axle is accompanied by musical collaborator and long time sidekick of Bernard Fanning Mr Declan Kelly.

Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers Solo. “”To finish a batch of tunes that may or may not demand an LP, written when in the throes of stage fright behind real actors, when he should have been paying attention, old Bull Rogers needs the bitumen under his heels and some hasty, Faustian deals. Old songs, new songs, freshly constructed truths and libidinous lies. What could POSSIBLY go wrong. The Endless Cycle Of Maitenance has begun.””