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5 Blues Drive + Andrew Movley

One night only!!!! Months of negotiation to make tonight happen. Fronting the band for the first and last time, a very special guest to help us party the night away. If you love our brand of rocking party tunes, we have ramped it up to 11 to start the New Year’s Eve season. Don’t miss out it will be huge!!!”

Music giants ZZ TOP, JOE WALSH, GEORGIA SATELLITES, ROD STUART and T REX are just some of the artists 5 Blues Drive cherry pick from.
This can only mean one thing. Straight up, blues based, open road, driving music to die for!!

Add 5 mates, just in it for a laugh and giggle, carving their way through the big hits, is a receipt for an amazing night out to remember.
Life’s short so come and join us, put your feet up or get down and boogie, we guarantee you’ll be back