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Dragon 20/20

Dragon is back in 2020! This Time it’s the 20/20 Tour.     

Its Dragon’s top 40 songs that you know and love in a glorious musical mashup over two 20 song sets!  Two overflowing hours of unforgettable music, to get your heart pumping and your feet moving. A  whole night of perfect vision that mines the depths of Dragon’s setlists, songs you haven’t heard for years, that favourite song that never gets the time of day, they will all be there in snappy 20/20  glory. 

Come along, sing along, Get That Jive, get up and move with your Body and the Beat. Are You Old Enough? Are we Still in Love (With You)? This Time, before your Young Years fade,  come celebrate the Sunshine and the Rain. Your Wilder World awaits.    

Don’t miss out on this extraordinary music event. Two special hours of unforgettable music brought  to you by Dragon. 20/20 vision, 40 songs,  Dragon 20/20..
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