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Friday on My Mind – A Tribute to Vanda & Young

Friday on My Mind – A Tribute to Vanda & Young…feat: songs from the EASYBEATS, John Paul Young, Stevie Wright, AC/DC

Damien Lovelock – vocals
Floyd Vincent – vocals/guitar
Amanda Easton – vocals
Gary Fredericks- guitar
Clive Harrison – bass
Chris Alford – keys
Dave Plenty – drums

To celebrate the wonderful catalogue of Vanda & Young songs, wehave put together a show featuring some great Sydney musicians. Vanda & Young were the brains and brawn behind the Easybeats, John Paul Young, Steve Wright, Flash & the Pan, ACDC and many more. Their influence on the Australian music scene is enormous not to mention their influence on musicians around the world. Not only did this song writing and producing duo make a huge mark on the music industry, they also managed to put some balls back into the pop music scene from the sixties onwards…

The night will feature some iconic numbers as well as some forgotten surprises that will ignite memories in your pop psyche. With a hand-picked band and guest singers, the show will spin some original interpretations on these classics. Be sure not to miss Evie Part 1, 2 and 3 on this amazing show…

Featuring songs…
1 She’s So Fine
2 Sorry
3 Good Times
4 Friday On My Mind
5 I’ll Make You Happy
6 Evie Part 1 and 2 and 3
7 Love Is In the Air
8 Where The Action Is
9 Hard Road
10 Yesterday’s Hero
11 Hey St Peter
12 Women
13 Show No Mercy
14 Walking In The Rain
15 Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again
16 Wedding Ring
17 Guitar Band
18 I Hate the Music
29 Long Way To The Top
20 Music Goes Around Our Head
21 One Of The Boys – Rose Tattoo
22 Marseilles – Angels