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Lolo Lovina + Dancing Fingers

Lolo Lovina (‘Red Beer’) are an intoxicating brew infused with Balkan Gypsy beats, unza, cabaret, heavy metal, swing and tango. Fronted by Australian born Romani-Gypsy singer Sarah Bedak. Lolo Lovina’s music reflects the cosmopolitan identity of an artist who grew up with three native cultures. The charming and passionate performance of their charismatic singer and the high voltage energy of the band makes each concert a unique experience.

Lolo Lovina’s album Rroma Sapien received a 4 Star review in the London based World Music magazine ‘Songlines’ (June 2016) with Rroma Sapien and RromAntcis both being featured albums on ABC Radio Nationals program, ‘The Daily Planet’ Lolo Lovina are an eternal Gypsy party that never sleeps, where anything is possible and where cynicism and mistrust are overcome by love and unity.

Romani-Gypsy Nenad Radic (Aus) – drums
David Carr (Aus) – guitar and banjo
Nathan Gatt (Aus) – bass
Sam Golding – trumpet
Simon Ferenci – trumpet

Highlights: Havana World Music Festival 2018, -SXSW Austin Texas 2018, -Sydney Opera House, -Guca Festival Serbia, -Festivals and events in New Caledonia, through the Pacific Islands, Macau, New Zealand and across East & West Europe.Quotes“..a most remarkable band fronted by …Sarah Bedak–as exotic a flower as you are ever likely to see behind a microphone.To say the sound is infectious doesn’t quite express it…they have people of all ages (and believe me, I saw it) hurling themselves through the air, across the dance floor, inventing moves on the spot, hugging each other with a passion … I’ve seen bands of all shade play, but I can’t recall seeing anything quite like this! Yes it is gypsy but there are also dollops of Spanish flamenco, Russian, Greek –indeed the music of anyone who likes to party. ”Glenn A Baker8 July 2017“it was about the second or third tune last night when my perspective shifted and I became a human in a room with other humans, having a party, being free, celebrating life and love and joy. This palpable feeling came over me, like if we could just do this often enough, everything would be alright. That it would be a life well-lived….throwing an eternal gypsy party that never sleeps where anything is
possible and love and unity triumph over cynicism and mistrust.” Nic ‘Sonny’ Lewis, beloved audience member,The Basement Sydney, 2017′ (Lolo Lovina)…have created an album that swings from traditional to groundbreaking Rroma music, all imbued with a tremendous sense of fun’ Lucky Oceans, The Daily Planet ABC Radio National, 2015“…Traditional Gypsy tunes alternate with Lolo originals here, and the arrangements are solid, tight, classy and brassy..” 4 STAR review of Rroma Sapien by Seth Jordan in Songlines Magazine, London UK. June 2016′Excellent new, vibrant album (RromAntics!) from world-touring, Sydney-based Rrom music band..’Lucky Oceans, The Daily Planet, ABC Radio National 2016“..twoespecial strengths glue the components into a cohesive whole. One is the sheer fun factor: you hear the players enjoying themselves as tangibly as you hear the sound of the drums, saxophone or accordion. The other is Sarah Bedak’s voice, which never losesits identity, despite being malleable enough to be breathy, teasing, seductive or vigorous.” 3.5 Star review of RromAntics!, John Shand for the Sydney MorningHerald 2016