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Original Sin INXS Show

Original Sin, Australia’s premier INXS show, pay homage to one of our country’s most popular & successful bands, INXS!

Covering the hit songs spanning 3 decades – from their debut self titled INXS, through to Shabooh Shoobah, The Swing, Listen Like Thieves, KICK, X, and Elegantly Wasted albums.

With INXS’ recent retirement, Original Sin continue to bring us all the Michael Hutchence era hits – classic songs like Never Tear Us Apart, Don’t Change, What You Need, Kiss The Dirt, Just Keep Walking, New Sensation, Need You Tonight, Original Sin, I Send A Message & Burn For You, along with a plethora of other classic INXS tunes.

With outstanding production, you can be sure all your INXSenses will be truly stimulated! BUY TIX HERE ..