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Rita B (Single Launch) + Callum Rowland + Arusha

“Sydney songstress and local Shire resident, Rita B (Bianca Meier), will be gracing the stage at The Brass Monkey on August 20 to launch her first single ‘To Be Loved By A Bottle Of Scotch Whiskey’ off her forthcoming debut album titled Single Malt, due to be released independently later in the year.

Rita B has been described as possessing a “gift for songwriting” (Soulshine) with “vocals that accompany her musicianship with stunning perfection” (The Dwarf). After an extended time living abroad in London and Edinburgh, Rita B’s hypnotically eclectic brand of indie/folk/rock crossovers is influenced by raw and honest experiences and observations.

The song ‘To Be Loved By A Bottle Of Scotch Whiskey’ explores the space within the songwriter’s own mind which attempts to discover a complete sense of self-awareness, and thus; the notion of coming to terms and dealing with, both the physical and emotional events that life has presented Meier. It is an individual reflection of how, through personal experiences relating to mental health, Meier attempts to mentally navigate that space through an unfiltered perception; one that has not been corrupted by outside views.

As a whole Single Malt does not answer to or for anyone else, rather, it is the product of Meier’s own emotional way-of-being and reflects the journey of gaining mental strength through acceptance of self and enlightenment. Rita B’s songwriting has intentionally been not overly thought-out; it is “in the moment” and changeable, to allow for honest expression.

In the spirit of celebrating the release of ‘To Be Loved By A Bottle Of Scotch Whiskey’, Meier has chosen to have her launch at The Brass Monkey in Cronulla for reasons that are sentimental to her career and beginnings as a musician. Rita B cuts a mesmerising presence on stage and her one of a kind voice has to be heard to be believed. She will be joined by bassist, Scott Piper, and drummer, Thomas Fijałkowski and supports from Callum Rowland (Central Coast) and Arusha.”