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The Hundy Pers + Doko + Kingston County + Dart Boy

The Hundy Pers make it their duty to perfectly capture the sounds and feelings of a bunch of 20-somethings still figuring it out. Morphed from Sydney’s southern beaches, the Hundys know how to provide the soundtrack to the best years of your life.

Their latest single, ‘Not Quite There’, exudes that feeling of being young and carefree among the uncertainties of life. The song marks an evolution of the Hundys sound that people have come to love from their first two singles, ‘Good Ol’ Times and ‘Wondering’.

The stirring build-up and infectious instrumentation will have you ready to belt the huge chorus as you sing along to the powerful and heartfelt lyrics.

‘Not Quite There’ will be released on April 15th and will be available on all streaming platforms. BUY TIX HERE ..