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The Songs of The 60s – Feat: Damien Lovelock

Songs Of The Sixties is a choice mix of the songs that defined not only decade, but also a generation and changed the world as it was. From the early 60’s haunting guitar sounds of the Shadows, through to the British invasion with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, the folk of Bob Dylan, the Hippy / Psychedelic phase with the Beach Boys, Mamas & Papas, the Animals and the Doors and to Woodstock with CCR and Santana to name a few. Even the King of Rock n Roll – Elvis Presley’s 60’s-era greats get a look in.

Some of the Bands represented
The Shadows
The Kinks
The Monkees
The Beatles
The Bee Gees
The Who
The Easybeats
The Rolling Stones
Creedence Clearwater Revival
The Animals
Van Morrison
Bob Dylan
The Doors