Artist Profile – Tim Chaisson from The East Pointers (Canada)

Your Name:
Tim Chaisson

Artist / Band Name:
The East Pointers

Who do you sound like?
Hmm… A late night Prince Edward Island kitchen party with bass and a stomp-box. Add in a few emotional slow songs and a David Bowie cover for good measure.

Have you played at The Brass Monkey, if so, what’s is your favourite dish on the menu?
I have, many times! The Chilli Garlic Prawn Linguini dish was always my favourite but since I’ve committed to saving the planet with my vegetarianism, it’s no longer an option. Maybe for one night only…

My favourite Cocktail / Drink: It’s hard to beat the ol’ Coopers beer!

My favourite Artist: That changes all of the time… Currently my favourite artist is Sarah Jarosz – an amazing singer-songwriter from Texas.

The First Record I Bought: Pure 70’s (a compilation of 70’s hits). I bought the cassette tape for my parents when I was 9 years old… For some reason I was addicted to it, there were a lot of classics on it!

The Record That Changed My Life: Ashley MacIsaac ‘Hi How Are You Today?’