Mummas Kitchen

Entrees ($11)
Maenek Spicy Mediterranean sausage cooked with tomato and onion.
Kafta Mince lamb patties served with hommus.
Zaatar Bread (herb and spice combination) OR garlic bread served pizza style.
Grilled Cyprian Style Halumi w/ fresh basil and roma tomato.

Mezza (For 2) ($22) home made hummus & babaganuge dips, cauliflower fritters w/ tahini, dolmades, marinated Danish feta, olives & pickles.

Mains ($24)
Pumpkin kebba w/ spinach and chickpea filling, labna and side salad.
Chilli Garlic Prawn Linguini Pasta w/ rocket, cherry tomato and shaved parmesan.
Spicy Barramundi Fillet w/ tomato and tahini sauce, roasted pine nuts, bread crisps on rice.
Grilled Chicken Thigh Skewers marinated w/ middle eastern spices, served w/ garlic dip and side salad.
Grilled Lamb Skewers marinated w/ middle eastern spices, served w/ hummus dip and side salad.

Tasting Plate (For 2) – ($54) additional $6 on set menu price
Lamb skewers, chicken skewers, falafel, chorizo sausage, prawns, side salad, hummus, babaganuge & garlic dip.

Brass Monkey Pizza Selections ($24)
Bach: Mixed mushrooms with rocket, parmesan and truffle oil.
Chopin: Mediterranean Chicken , capsicum and mushroom.
Beethoven: Salami, fresh basil, roma tomato, kalamata olives, Spanish onion and rocket.
Vivaldi: Moroccan Lamb w/ spanish onion, chilli, tomato, fresh mint & thick European yogurt.
Mozart: Chorizo sausage , capsicum and sour cream on a garlic base.