Drinks List


On Tap
Young Henrys Newtowner – $9
We like to regularly change our tap beers, so have a chat with our bar staff on the night for our current tap beer.

International / Boutique
Corona (Mexico) $8
Stella Artois (Belgium) $8
Sierra Nevada Pale Ale (USA) $10
Capital Brewing Pale Ale (Can) $8
4 Pines Brewery Kolsch $8.5
Weihenstephaner Kristall Wheat Beer – 500ml (Ger) $14
Kriek (Cherry) Fruit Beer (Belgian) $13
Sapporo premium $9

Hahn Super Dry $8
Dad and dave Pilsner #3 $9
James Boags Premium Lager $8
James Squire One Fifty Lashes Pale Ale $8
Coopers Pale Ale $8
Carlton Draught $7.50
VB $7.50
Tooheys Old $7
Cascade Premium Light $6

Batlow Premium Apple Cider – $9


The story tells the martini was named after The Martini Henry Rifle, used by the British army around 1870. As both the rifle & the drink had a strong kick

Classic Martini – w/ gin or vodka – $15
Large measure of Bombay sapphire or 42 Below laced with French dry vermouth, with a twist, olive or cocktail onion.

Or try some variations on the old classic:

Hendricks Gin – laced with rose water – $17
Smoky Martini – kettle one vodka laced with laphroaig – $17
French Martini – grey goose vodka, chambord & pineapple juice – $17
Charlie Chaplin – sloe gin, apricot brandy with lime – $16

Margarita – $15
Mexican treasure, the margarita is one of the worlds most famous cocktails. Xxx tequila, cointreau, fresh lime served in a salt rim margarita glass. Or try some of our variations with wild hibiscus flower or pomegranate with pama liqueur.

Daiquiri – $15
Named after two miners working in the Daiquiri mines, the classic is as simple as a large measure of Cuban white rum, fresh lime and sugar syrup. Or try a spicy honey apple daiquiri.

Mojito – $15
Fresh lime muddled with raw sugar bringing out the essential zest, oils and juice with a dash of mint infused syrup shaken over ice with Bacardi superior with a slap of fresh mint

Caprinha – $15
National drink of Brazil made with cachaca, a spirit made from sugar cane juice traditionally by cane farmers, poured over muddled lime and raw sugar then shaken. Try our regular caprinha or for a slight twist the passionfruit or maraschino cherry caprinha.

Caipiroska – $15
A variation on the classic Brazilian cocktail, made with vodka. Try this also with ginger and lychee.

Pisco sour – $15
Dating back to the 1930’s this cocktail is still as popular today. A large measure of Pisco, a traditional spirit of Peru, shaken w/ fresh lemon juice, egg white & sugar syrup w/ a dash or angostura bitters.

Other Sours – $15
Whisky sour with Dewar’s blended scotch.
Or for a slightly sweeter nutty taste, Ameretto sour w/ shaved almond.

Old Fashioned – $15
Large measure of wild turkey bourbon, muddled orange and marichino cherry
(Or try one of our favourites rum old fashioned with El Dorado 5 yr rum)

Negroni – $15
In 1920 a man walked into a bar in Florence & asked to add Gin to his Americana. His name was Count Camillo Negroni. As modest as he was he named the drink after himself…..the Negroni. If you like your drink as bitter as your last break up this classic is for you, w/ equal amounts of Bombay Gin, Campari, and Martini Roso with a flaming orange zest

Mai tai – $15
classic island drink made famous by Trader Vic with Caruba Jamaican rum, cointreau, fresh lime and orgeat syrup with a slap of fresh mint
My Mai Tai – with the addition of guava and pineapple juice – $15

Garden Of Eden – $15
Muddled lime and mint topped with Calvados, a splash Pomme Verte and Crème de Mure , shaken with thick European yoghurt – $15

Tall Drinks
El Jimador tequila with pink grapefruit juice in a salt rimmed glass $8.50
Żubrówka Vodka, cloudy apple juice and fresh lime – $8.50
Sailor Jerry’s spiced rum, Fever Tree ginger beer fresh lime and a cinnamon stick – $8.50
Hendrick’s gin and tonic with a slice of cucumber – $10
Herradura Blanco tequila with muddled lime, topped with Fever Tree ginger beer and a dash of Tabasco – $10

For all other cocktails or premium spirits/liqueurs and bitters please feel free to come up to the bar and talk to our bar staff


    Willowglen Brut – Sparkling – (Bilbul, NSW) $7
    16 Jeanneret Watervale Riesling (Clare Valley, SA) $9
    17 Swinging Bridge – Sauvignon Blanc – (Orange, NSW) $8
    17 The Catcher – Sauvignon Blanc – (NZ) $8.50
    18 David Hook– Pinot Grigio (Hunter Valley, NSW) $10
    17 Willowglen – Semillon/Chard – (Bilbul, NSW ) $7
    17 Lorimer – Chardonnay – (Bilbul, NSW) $7.50

    16 Domaine de Chatillon – Rose (Savoie, Fra) $11
    17 Rockcliffe– Pinot Noir (Denmark WA) $11
    16 Altacena – Tempranillo (Spain) $8
    17 Gooree Park – Merlot – (Mudgee, NSW) $9
    14 Stonefish Reserve – Cab/Sauv – (Barossa Valley, SA) $10
    16 Willowglen – Cabernet Merlot – (Bilbul, NSW) $7
    16 Gipsie Jack- Shiraz (Langhorne Creek, SA) $10
    15 Bouchard Aine et fils – Grenache, Shiraz, Maurvedra – (Cotes du Rhone, France) $10


    Willowglen Brut (Bilbul, NSW) $28
    Petersons Sparkling Cuvee $49
    Petersons Blush (Hunter Valley) $47
    Veuve Clicquot NV (France) $120
    Billiecart Salmon Champagne $130

    17 Heathvale (Eden Valley, SA) $36
    16 Jeanneret Watervale (Clare Valley, SA) $40

    17 Swinging Bridge (Orange) $38
    17 The Catcher (NZ) $40
    17 Catalina Sounds (Marlborough) $49

    17 Tertini (Southern Highlands, NSW) $40
    16 David Hook– Pinot Grigio (Hunter Valley, NSW) $39

    17 Convicts and Catholics (Hunter Valley, NSW ) $ 40
    16 Rockford (Barossa Valley, SA) $59
    15 Willowglen – Semillon/Chard – (Bilbul, NSW) $28

    17 Lorimer (Bilbul, NSW) $30
    Petersons Cuvee (Hunter Valley, NSW) $56

    15 Leogate (Hunter Valley, NSW) $42


    16 Domaine de Chatillon – Rose (Savoie, France) $44
    17 Rockford Alicante Bouchet – Rose (Barossa Valley) $46

    17 Rockcliffe (Denmark, WA) $44
    15 Louis Jadot (Bourgogne, France) $74
    15 Terra Sancta (Central Otago, NZ) $63

    17 Gooree Park (Mudgee, NSW) $38
    17 Macquariedale Organic (Hunter Valley, NSW) $38

    14 Stonefish Reserve (Barossa Valley, SA) $44
    15 Di Giorgio (Coonawarra, SA) $56
    14 John’s Blend (Langhorne Creek, SA) $64
    16 Willowglen – Cabernet Merlot – (Bilbul, NSW) $28

    15 Gipsie Jack (Langhorne Creek, SA) $42
    14 Scarpantoni Block 3 (McLaren Vale, SA) $68
    17 Two Hands “Gnarly Dudes” (Barossa Valley, SA) $58
    14 Rockford Basket Press (Barossa Valley, SA) $145
    12 Burke & Wills Vat 2 (Heathcote, VIC) $58
    15 Rockford Rod & Spur – Shiraz/Cabernet (Barossa Valley, SA) $76
    13 Don Edwardo Shiraz (Mudgee, NSW) $85


    15 Poliziano Chianti (Tuscany) $45
    15 Mandoleto (Nero d’Avola, Sicily) $37
    15 Maretti (Barbera, Nebbiolo) Piemonte $45

    16 Les Courtilles – Grenach, Syrah (Cotes du Rhone) $42
    15 Bouchard Aine et fils – Grenache, Shiraz, Mouvedre – (Cotes du Rhone) $42

    16 Altacena – Temperanillo – (Spain) $38

    15 Altosur – Malbec – (Mendoza, Argentina) $42